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Having your pallet racking inspected on a regular annual basis is a legal requirement under UK law. As a responsible ve a duty of care to ensure that all of your storage equipment i.e pallet racking, cantilever racking, shelving and mezzanine flooring is maintained and inspected on a regular basis. 

Having your pallet racking inspected on a regular annual basis is a legal requirement under UK law. As a responsible employer you have a duty of care to those around you to ensure that 
all of your storage racking is maintained and inspected to assess any damage or other problems that may arise in the future.

Pallet racking is classified as ‘Work Equipment’ meaning that it requires regular, documented assessments. Regular safety inspections also can help reduce both insurance premiums and 
pallet maintenance costs whilst investigations into the causes of any damage to racking can result in improved operating methods and reduced maintenance costs within your warehouse.

As one of the leading SEMA inspectors in Bristol, the South West and South Wales, we understand the importance of keeping your pallet racking in a safe and sound condition and keep you on the right side of the law.

Pallet racking is easily dismissed as unimportant, but the safety of your stock and personnel should be of utmost importance to you. With that in mind regular pallet racking inspections must be carried out.

With continued use of material and mechanical handling equipment in your warehouse, damage to your pallet racking is highly inevitable. Ignoring it won't make it go away so  we recommend carrying out a racking damage survey to ensure that your pallet racking still meets current HSE Regulations and the SEMA Codes and Guidelines

This will eliminate the potential danger of your pallet racking collapsing and the possibility of damaged to stock and injury to staff or visitors.

What happens on an inspection? Watch this short video to find out.

Bristol Storage Equipment offers an inspection and damage survey which provides you with a detailed inspection report highlighting any problem areas and what needs rectifying before problems arise. Surveys can be booked at short notice as we appreciate they are time-critical! 

We also provide a competitive free quotation for the replacement and installation of any necessary racking parts
as well as pallet racking maintenance.

Bristol Storage Equipment has carried out racking inspections for the past 40 years and offers 100% peace of mind ensuring your racking complies with current codes of practice and Health and Safety legislation.

To book a Pallet Racking Inspection - even on at short notice - call our experienced and SEMA approved team today on 01179 555 211.

Faulty Pallet Racking


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Warehouse racking failure Bent racking beam Frame buckling Rack upright hit by forklift Rusted and bent racking upright
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Racking system collapse Rack upright beyond repair Imminent racking collapse Column guard Upright protection guards
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