Rack Safety Awareness Training

Improve the Safety in Your Warehouse with Quality Awareness Training from Bristol Storage

Bristol Storage can provide rack safety awareness training courses for your business ensuring your warehouse operatives understand the in's and out's of pallet racking and increase their awareness of the dangers and risks faced if it is mistreated or neglected.

What's Covered in a Rack Safety Awareness Training Course?

We cover all the following aspects in our training course:  

    • An Introduction to Warehouse Racking Safety and the need for Rack Inspections
    • Rack Inspections - what's involved
    • Frequency required and action to be taken
    • Inspection Equipment
    • Damage Levels – The SEMA Traffic Light system
    • Classification of Damaged Racks
    • Responsibilities - of the User - of your Racking Supplier
    • Structural Awareness
    • Damage Prevention
    • Action on Serious Incidents

Do your warehouse staff have the knowledge required to operate in a safe and secure manner around warehouse racking systems? If not, contact us today on 0117 955 5211 to discuss how our Rack Safety Training Course can benefit your business.

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