Push Back Racking Systems

Dexion Push Back

Push Back Pallet Racking - First In, Last Out

Push back style pallet racking is a highly efficient storage system most suited to warehouses looking to utilise product specific lanes. The First In, Last Out principle is key to the operation of push-back racking, and it is suitable for use with standard forklift trucks.

The benefits of Push Back racking systems include:

  • Maximise the cube
  • Increase efficiency
  • Fast access to pallets
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Bulk Storage

Push back systems offer the advantages of greater accessibility and all lanes being readily accessible. Push back racks are ideal for both fast and slow moving warehouse and logistical operations.

Bristol Storage offers high quality push back racking systems from the major manufacturers including Dexion, Link 51 and Apex.

If you require further prices, specifications or dimensions for Push Back Racking, please contact us now on 0117 955 522 or click here.

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