Mobile Pallet Racking Systems

Dexion Mobile Racking

Condense your Storage using a Mobile Pallet Racking System

Putting conventional pallet racking on a motorised mobile base will give you what is known as a mobile pallet racking system ensuring any wasted 'dead' space is fully utilised enabling you a greater storage capacity. With only one operational aisle within the system, racks can be easily squeezed together to maximise the cube of the warehouse. Just some of the benefits of mobile racking systems at a glance:

  • Maximise existing warehouse space
  • Single operating aisle
  • Use up to 40% less space than conventional adjustable pallet racking
  • Individual pallet access
  • Increase your storage capacity by as much as 80%
  • Restrict access and increase security

Bristol Storage recommends Dexion MOVO Mobile pallet racking.

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