Multi Tier Mezzanine Floors

Multi Tier Mezzanines for use in Warehouses with High Ceilings

Multi Tier Mezzanine Flooring

Multi-tier mezzanine floors are a popular choice for when warehouses with high ceilings that have the space to allow a business operating within them to expand vertically. Adding a two or even three-tiered mezzanine floor is always a cost effective solution, certainly in a busy logistical work environment.

Bristol Storage have helped consult, plan and install many multi-tiered installations inside warehouses across the UK. See our Image Gallery for more details.

What are the advantages of having multi-tier mezzanine floors?

Boosting your building’s performance is critical to your businesses bottom line and multi tier mezzanine flooring allows you to create additional storage areas or picking zones.

Building upwards (if the height of the ceiling permits this) is usually much more cost effective than expanding your building horizontally.

You can choose either two or three tiers, entirely dependent on what your business exactly needs allowing you to double or treble your work space.

Free Site Surveys are available from Bristol Storage – we’ll ensure you have the headroom available to make it worth your while!

Bristol Storage Equipment offers a fully professional service from the initial site survey through to installation.

  • One of our experienced staff will visit you on site to assess your specific Mezzanine Flooring requirements
  • Detailed structural drawings and calculations will be provided
  • Building Control and Fire Regulation approval obtained on your behalf
  • Efficient installation scheduled to suit your workload

For further information on a wide range of multi tier mezzanines and associated products, contact our experienced team on 01179 555 211.

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