Dexion Speedlock P90 Pallet Racking | Drive in Racking Case Study

Dexion P90 Pallet Racking Project

As a potential client of Bristol Storage, you have every reason to ask yourselves one question. That question is ‘Why?’ Why should you choose Bristol Storage Equipment to carry out your upcoming warehouse pallet racking project?

Well what better way to demonstrate what Bristol Storage can offer you when it comes to pallet racking, than to show you pictures of one our latest jobs.

Objective: To provide our client with a drive-in pallet racking system for a new extension area to their warehouse in the Bristol area. After liaising with the client we were delighted to offer a storage solution that was perfectly suited to their operation and allowed them the necessary expansion required to aid the growth of their business. The Bristol Storage design team provided technical drawings explaining in great detail exactly how the racking system will work, and how it benefits the clients’ warehouse operation. As it happens, this particular job required us to strip down and rebuild some existing racking into another area of the warehouse, whilst we continued to supply and install a brand new pallet racking system in the extension area. What are you storing? The first question we ask our clients is ‘What are you storing?’ – For obvious reasons the storage system our experts recommend is based on your bespoke requirements, so it is vitally important to have your stock in mind from day one, when designing your racking system. The load criteria of this job was as follows: Pallet Details: UK Pallet – 1000mm Wide x 1200mm Deep x 1200mm High @ 800KGs per pallet Which pallet racking system? Based on the storage requirements and the nature of this clients’ operation, it was decided that the perfect racking system would be Dexion P90 Pallet Racking and Dexion Deepstor Drive In Racking. The Dexion Deepstor element of the installation comprised of 1 block of 32 lanes @ 3 pallets deep x 7 pallets high, and as you can see from the pictures below, this pre-galvanised system looks fantastic in action. Check out the link above and watch a brief video of this job… You can also see from the pictures provided that working with Bristol Storage Equipment means minimal downtime, and that your operation can continue as normal whilst we work around you. With a detailed plan of action we work together with our clients to ensure that we finish the racking installation job within the agreed timeframe (or even before). The client here had requirements for a heavy duty Dexion pallet racking system and this installation shows what Bristol Storage can do for your business. Whether you are after thousands of pallet locations as our client in this example, or just a single bay of garage racking, Bristol Storage would love to help you. For expert advice on your storage requirements or to request a free quotation get in contact today by calling 01179 555 211 or via email [email protected] To view a full range of our services visit Thanks for taking the time to read our blog.


By George Ives

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