For many, Valentine’s Day is a day for flowers, fancy meals and overpriced cards. But not everybody will be feeling the love this Valentine’s Day, without the proper level of loving care and attention, you may find your racking looking for a new warehouse.

To help ensure your Valentine's day doesn’t end in tears, here are 5 reasons why your warehouse racking might be about to break up with you; and how you can ensure it doesn’t.

You’re Putting Too Much Pressure On Them

Expecting too much of your companion is a sure fire way to the single life and it’s no different in the warehouse. By overloading your racking, you’re opening up your relationship to nasty problems such as bent racking beams and frame buckling, which could easily lead to a complete racking system failure. 

To ensure that you're not putting too much pressure on your racking, always stick to recommended racking loads, if you’re unsure, we can calculate your racking weight limit for you.

 Racking damage

You’re Not Showing Them Enough Attention

Not showing your partner enough attention is a common cause of breakups, not only can it cause arguments, but in the case of racking, could lead to your system collapsing!

At Bristol Storage, we provide independent SEMA approved racking inspections Nationwide, these inspections are a legal requirement under the Health & Safety at work act and ensure that any damage to your racking can be identified and addressed appropriately.

You’re Letting Others Hit On Them

It’s not always internal problems that cause relationships to break down, sometimes there are other forces at work. It could be an employee improperly loading and unloading racking, or a forklift operator increasing the chances of a collision by driving too fast.

To eliminate the risk of your relationship being broken by another person, there are a couple of quick and easy changes you can make in your warehouse:

  • Train your staff properly on how to properly operate the racking system (a rack safety awareness training course could be just the ticket).
  • Ensure forklift training is given to relevant people.
  • Implement maximum speed limits.
  • Zone out areas with floor markings to prevent vehicles getting too close to racking.

Tip – Wear Protection! One way to ensure your pallet racking isn’t subject to damage from vehicle contact is to install column, frame and corner guards. These guards come at a fraction of the cost of replacement racking and provide adequate protection from forklifts and other moving vehicles in the warehouse.


They Need Some Space

Sometimes the best way to help restore a relationship on the rocks is to give your partner some space, your racking is no different. Having aisles too narrow increases the chance of forklift collision and can create issues when unloading stock.

Assessing your warehouse layout is an effective way to ensure your racking has the appropriate amount of space. Alternatively, you may wish to create more space through the use of a mezzanine flooring system, which makes use of unused overhead space for offices, storage or similar.


You’re Leaving Them In The Dark

Leaving your partner in the dark is never a good idea when you’re in a relationship, similarly, a poorly lit warehouse can take a toll on your racking; not only does it increase the chances of collision but it puts operators at risk and makes damage to your system harder to spot.

Energy efficient LED warehouse lighting provides effective lighting to any area of the warehouse, with occupancy detection and zonal control to ensure that the lights are only on when they are needed.


Talk To the Experts

So, are you feeling bad about the way you treated your racking this year? If you’re looking to give any aspect of your warehouse a bit of extra loving this year – why not get in touch with Bristol Storage.

We provide SEMA approved racking inspections, rack safety awareness training and are an approved distributor for Dexion pallet racking equipment (if it’s you that wants to do the breaking up). We also provide a whole range of other specialist services and products designed to help you maximise space and profit in your warehouse.

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