There is exciting news for Dexion, In January Gonvarri Steel Services completed the acquisition of Constructor Group A/S who were the owners of Dexion for over 10 years.

The group's name has changed to Gonvarri Material Handling (GMH). GMH will continue to trade under the well-established Dexion, Kasten, PSS and Constructor brands across Europe and worldwide.

What Does This Mean for Dexion?

With its head office in Madrid and 36 factories worldwide in 17 countries, the new ownership will strengthen the group as a leading provider of storage and material and storage handling solutions. Providing Expertise and resources needed for development and growth for the group.  

Gonvarri is a strategic leader in the industry of steel transformation, generated revenues of almost €3 billion in 2017. And according to Frank Pohl, CEO of GMH and Managing Director of Dexion GmbH, it is the perfect partner.

"I am convinced that Gonvarri, with its many years of experience in production and steel competence as well as its worldwide presence is the ideal new owner. I am looking forward to working with Gonvarri to better serve our customers and further develop our good position in the market."

About Gonvarri Material Handling

  • Gonvarri Material Handling comprises of the Constructor, Kasten, PSS and Dexion brands and is one of Europe’s leading engineering and manufacturers of storage solutions.
  • The Gonvarri Material Handling group has a strong and rich history with centuries of combined knowledge, allowing customers access to a global network of storage expertise and experience.
  • With coverage across much of the globe, the group has helped some of the worlds’ leading brands and pioneering SME’s.
  • It aims to support customers and partners with storage planning, installation and ongoing service and support.
  • For further information visit
  • Watch the video below to find out more about Gonvarri and their strong company ethos.

 A Commitment To Quality

At Bristol Storage, we want to reassure our customers that we'll still be providing the same excellent levels of service and that this acquisition will have no impact on the quality of Dexion products. If you have any questions, please get in touch - you can also view the full press release from Dexion here.