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SPIE UK Acoustic Booth reconfiguration


SPIE UK is a leading provider of vital multi-technical services. Their customers rely on them for a complete solution to their needs. They specialise in lifetime support, from design through construction to maintenance, repair and operation. We are currently providing work for SPIE who are an embedded contractor in a local Aircraft Manufacturer.


Bristol Storage were asked to reconfigure an existing acoustic booth, reworking existing panels and supplying new in line with the new layout required.


  • Strip down of existing acoustic booth
  • Reworking existing panels to fit new lay out
  • Suppling new panels and sliding doors
  • Infill vent ducts and windows with acoustic panelling
  • Make good electrical wiring
Reconfiguration Of Acoustic Booth

Download the full case study here

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Case Studies


Natures Menu started as a small family business in 1981 selling a range of simple minced meats to specialist breeders and some local pet stores, they have been flying the flag for raw and natural nutrition from day one. 


Natures Menu contacted Bristol Storage Equipment to provide a competitive quotation to fit a mezzanine floor in their existing warehouse. This was to allow them to gain more storage for their busy warehouse. Matt Smart at Natures Menu in Bristol, wanted to deal with Bristol Storage as he had dealt with us in the past and has a good relationship with Rob, our Sales Manager.


A Mezzanine Floor to cover a floor area of 74.25m². All of our Mezzanine Floors are CE marked which means all of our steel work complies with the legal standards. We offer fire protection when recommended by building control for floors used for any other use then storage or if the floor exceeds the size of 400m


1 Mezzanine floor with a specification of:

- Design Load: 7.20kN/m²

- Deflection: L/200

- Length of Floor: 5.49m

- Width of Floor: 13.52m

- Total Floor area: 74.25m²

- Underside Height: 3003mm

- Deck Height: 3350mm

- Grid Layout: 3933mmX2200mm Bays

- Staircase: 1 external Utility Staircase, with a mid-landing

- Handrail/Kick Plate: 20m Additional items of

- 1 up ad over pallet gate - 1 pallet load plate

Download the full case study here

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Case Studies

Mezzanine Flooring System and Dexion P90 Racking Case Study - PF Cusack


PF Cusack are one of the UK’s leading suppliers in contractors tooling, personal protective equipment, and signage and traffic management products. They have 5 depots around the UK as well as a vehicle fleet of 20, enabling them to deliver their products nationwide.


PF Cusack contacted Bristol Storage Equipment to provide a competitive quotation to rack out their new build warehouse in Highbridge, Somerset.

Barry Woodman, Depot Manager at Cusack, was keen to deal with a professional and local supplier who he could build a relationship with for future service and maintenance as well as the initial project.

Bristol Storage Equipment were awarded the contract to complete the project. The scope expanded to include a Mezzanine Floor and Steel Partitioning.


A Mezzanine Floor was specified to maximise the available height whilst maintaining a functional work space below. We suggested steel partitioning to separate the area off from the main warehouse in order to create a safe working environment.


-  Timber Decking

-  Dexion P90 Pallet Racking - 1845 pallet locations

-  Rack End Protection

-  190m2 Mezzanine Floor for Storage

-  Single Skin Steel Partitioning to create separate work area under the Mezzanine floor

-  Designed and installed in line with SEMA codes of practice

Download the full case study here.

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Case Studies

Bristol Storage recently undertook work for Lens Online, a company that is part of the well known opticians, Specsavers. Lens Online’s warehouses are stocked with fragile lenses and other associated equipment, which needs to be well organised and available for easy picking without any risk of damage. 

Initial Brief

Following an initial conversation and site visit, Dexion P90 Pallet Racking with Interoll Carton Flow System was recommended and installed. Pictured below is the P90 Pallet Racking system.


Products Used Dexion: P90 Pallet Racking

Dexion P90 wide aisle pallet racking is one of the most flexible and economical racking systems we have available at Bristol Storage, access to pallets is unrestricted and systems can be built up to 30 metres high with no limitation on the layout, this is what makes the P90 such a reliable go-to option for a wide range of picking operations.

In addition to being so flexible, Dexion P90 pallet racking can be adapted to meet your business needs through a wide range of accessories including column guards, aisle marking systems and flow systems as shown below.

Interoll Carton Flow System

A key product used within the racking system of this job was the Interoll Carton Flow System, designed to improve the flexibility of the picking process in distribution and fulfilment centres.

You can see the flow system in action below, with products gently rolling to the front of the racking system allowing for easy operative-facing picking with zero damage to the stock.

These systems of great flexibility in operations where dimensions and weights of goods vary, and with 90% space utilisation – your valuable racking space isn’t going to waste.

Bay Types

6 different bay types were used throughout the job to ensure that Lens Online had storage solutions available for all their different products:

Bay Type 1 – 2700mm clear entry bay x 2000mm high frame x 1100 deep each face.

  • Each bay fitted with 6 carton flow levels.

Bay Type 2 – 2700mm clear entry bay x 2000mm high frame x 2200mm deep each face.

  • Each bay fitted with 6 carton flow levels.

Bay Type 3 – 2700mm clear entry bay x 7500mm high frame x 1100 deep each face.

  • Each bay fitted with 6 full depth carton flow levels with 3 pallet levels abov

Bay Type 4 – 2700mm clear entry bay x 7500mm high frame x 1100 deep each face.

  • Each bay fitted with 4 pallet levels
  • All levels fitted with open boarded timber decking
  • Rack protection included for all uprights

Bay Type 5 – 1350mm clear entry bay x 2500mm high frame x 1100 deep each face,

  • Each bay fitted with 1 pallet level
  • All levels fitted with open boarded timber decking
  • Rack protection included for all uprights

Bay Type 6 – 2700mm clear entry bay x 2500mm high frame x 1100 deep each face

  • Each bay fitted with 1 pallet level
  • All levels fitted with open boarded timber decking
  • Rack protection included for all uprights
column guards in situ to protect racking

Talk To The Experts

Lens Online were delighted with their new racking system, allowing for a faster, flexible and more efficient picking process in their warehouse.

If you have questions regarding the Dexion P90 pallet racking, Interoll Carton Flow System or any of our other products – give one of our expert team a call on 0117 955 5211.

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Case Studies

Bristol Storage Equipment recently completed a job for Robbins Timber, a well established timber company providing a range of plywoods, hardwoods, softwoods and associated products.

Their warehouses fulfil orders worldwide and are packed with a range of different products.

Initial Brief:

The objective was to supply, deliver and install a vertical racking solution to keep their timber products stored safely, as well as being better organised for improved stock control and faster, more efficient picking.

Robbins Timber were provided with a detailed schematics drawing with 3 different layout options before the work went ahead:

Products Used – Vertical Racking Solution

BSE implemented Dexion vertical storage racking on their site, this type of racking is designed to make use of overhead space and is suitable for tall items. Using this type of racking allowed for the timber to be stored vertically, reducing the risk of damage and consumation of space that comes with horizontal storage. 

Holding stock of several different types of hard and soft woods, the racking system was fitted with 2 adjustable beam kits pictured below.

These adjustable beams not only help support the wood to avoid damage from leaning, but also allow for the separation of products to keep them better organised; with plenty of room inbetween the racking for warehouse operatives to pick and deliver items.

4 different bay types were used throughout the job to ensure that Robbins Timber had adequate storage solutions for the different shapes and sizes of timber that they deal with:

Bay Type 1 – 4200mm high x 2700mm clear entry x 900mm deep – 6 dividers bars over 2 levels.

Bar Type 2 – 4200mm high x 1350mm clear entry x 800m deep – 4 divider bars over 2 levels.

Bar Type 3 – 4200mm high x 2700mm clear entry x 800mm deep – 6 divider bars over 2 levels. The storage level for bay type 3 was set at 1280mm and fitted with steel decking panels to allow for storage space underneath.

Bay Type 4 – 4200mm high x 3300mm clear entry x 900mm deep – 8 divider bars over 2 levels.

Feedback From Robbins Timber

“Dealing with vast amounts of timber on a regular basis, it was important that we had the correct and most efficient storage solutions in place.”

“After listening to our initial requirements, Bristol Storage Equipment recommended a vertical racking system fitted with adjustable beams to support the timber.”

“The job was done professionally and efficiently – BSE kept up informed on what they were doing throughout the installation and we were very impressed with how well it was managed from speedy initial quotation to final installation.”

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Bristol Storage Equipment.”

Ben Bagnall - Robbins Timber

Talk To The Experts

Another happy client for Bristol Storage – Robbins Timber can now rest assured that their timber is stored as efficiently as possible, maximising space in their warehouse.

If you have any questions regarding vertical racking systems or are looking for a reliable storage expert to help you with your next project, give one of our expert team a call on 0117 955 5211.

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Case Studies

Bristol Storage Equipment was called to a site in Portishead belonging to E-Vapor, a company that sells and supplies electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and other associated equipment.

Initial Brief:

The objective was to create a functional warehouse with an office for staff and additional space for storage, whilst still allowing frequent deliveries and collections to take place uninterrupted. 

BSE implemented a range of products in their warehouse including energy efficient LED lighting, a mezzanine flooring system with 1 hour fire protection, air conditioning and steel partitioning system with vinyl flooring.

E Vapor Case Study

Products Used:

Mezzanine Flooring with 1 hour fire protection – The 1 tier mezzanine flooring system used in this project was designed and fitted to create a functional office space for staff to work in, with the space underneath system creating further storage and work space through the use of a partitioning system.

The mezzanine supplied had a 1 hour fire rating in order to comply with Building and Fire Regulations giving the company peace of mind that stock would be safe for some time in the event of a fire.

Steel Partitioning – On the ground floor, a single skin ground level partitioning system was installed to seal off the mezzanine, making up the storage space. On the top tier, a clean room partitioning system was installed to create a four sided enclosure which would act as the workspace for employees – creating a clean environment free from contamination and allowing them to work without constant distractions from outside noise.

 partition system at warehouse to create office space

Vinyl Flooring – Vinyl flooring was an essential part of this project as the staff at E-Vapor are constantly handling e-liquids and associated ingredients. These substances are sticky and will stain on most types of flooring if spilt. The vinyl flooring supplied is hygienic and easy to clean as well as being durable enough to withstand the daily volume of staff. 

 vinyl flooring in warehouse

Warehouse Lighting – The traditional highbay lighting previously in place at E-Vapor was replaced with efficient LED lighting – not only is this type of lighting brighter, but it has a longer lifespan - reducing energy costs and the companies impact on the environment.

Air Conditioning Finally, a new Daikin air conditioning heat pump inverter system was implemented to give staff control over the temperature of the office and storage space – this was also an essential due to the liquids and other stock held on site.  

Talk To The Experts

If you have any questions regarding any of the products used during this build – or are looking for a reliable storage expert to help you with your next project – give one of our expert team a call on 0117 955 5211.

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Case Studies , Shelving Systems , Pallet Racking

Location: Essex

Products:  Dexion Mobile Shelving and Dexion Racking with Pull Out Units

Dexion Mobile Shelving

Initial Brief:

Bristol Storage Equipment Ltd were invited in to this site in Essex by an existing customer after completing succesful projects at numerous sites across the UK. With a limited area for small parts storage, a mobile shelving system was chosen as the optimum solution.

Dexion P90+ Pallet Racking was also installed for storage of heavy motors. The racking was fitted with heavy duty steel decking panels to enable storage of motors that vary in weight and size. To improve ergonomc performance and a great health and safety feature is the introduction of Dexion Pull Out Units that enable low level pallets to be pulled out and picked from safely.

Project Summary:

  • Bristol Storage invited to survey, design and quote for installation of mobile shelving for small parts storage 
  • Space maximised using a mobile system
  • Dexion pallet racking with steel decking and pull out units for increased safety 
  • Bristol Storage carried out installation in Essex using SEMA approved installation team
Dexion Mobile Shelving with Dividers

Dexion Hi80 Shelving on Mobile Base - Full Height Dividers used to create pigeon holes

Dexion P90+ Pallet Racking

 Dexion P90+ Pallet Racking - Steel Shelf Panels to store heavy duty motors

Dexion Pull Out Unit

 Dexion Pull Out Units - Saving time and money with ergonomic picking


Dexion Mobile Shelving - Perfect for Maximising the space in your Warehouse - Call now 0117 955 5211 or email


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Case Studies , Pallet Racking

Client: Sulzer Ltd

Sulzer Ltd. is a Swiss industrial engineering and manufacturing firm, founded by Salomon Sulzer-Bernet in 1775 and established as Sulzer Brothers Ltd.

Location: Avonmouth, Bristol

Products:  Heavy Duty Pallet Racking & Boltless Workbench

Pallet Racking and Workbench Installed in Bristol

Project Summary:

Pallet Racking

Bay Details

  • 2000mm H x 1100mm D x 2700mm clear entry
  • 2 no. Beam Levels
  • Each beam level complete with Open Boarded Timber Decking
  • Load Data: 2000Kgs per level

Layout Details
1 no. Single Entry Rack comprising 1 Bay as above.


1 no. Rivet Workbench with MFC Worktop

  • 915mm H x 1830mm W x 915mm D
  • Full Undershelf
  • Loading – 400Kgs per shelf (600Kgs max bench load)
  • MFC tops edged with hard wearing 1mm PVC edging.


Looking for Pallet Racking for your Warehouse? - Call now 0117 955 5211 or email

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Case Studies , Pallet Racking

Client: Castle Dairies Ltd

Castle Dairies is 'the home of Welsh Butter'. Established as a milk bottling dairy and Caerphilly cheese maker, a family run business thats been churning cream for 40 years.

Location: Caerphilly, South Wales

Products:  Dexion Drive In Pallet Racking

Drive In Racking - South Wales

Initial Brief:

Bristol Storage Equipment Ltd were originally invited in to this new customer to carry out a SEMA Rack Inspection. Following an inspection it was established that due to the bad condition of the existing drive in racking system, the best way forward would be to replace it with brand new Dexion racking. This would also generate spare materials to carry out rack repairs in other areas of the site which also had some damages.

Project Summary:

  • Bristol Storage carried out SEMA Rack Inspection resulting and recommended replacing with the existing 30 year old system with new Dexion racking
  • Drive in racking was designed to match the specification of the existing racking
  • Dexion rack protection system fitted in order to help prevent future damages and therefore protect the investment in the new system.
  • Installation took place in a chill store

 Dexion P90 Drive In Racking - Perfect for Freezer Or Warehouse - Call now 0117 955 5211 or email


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Tips , Mezzanine Floors

Purpose built office mezzanine floor If you’re looking to improve the organisation and efficiency or your work environment but struggle with space, it might be time you considered Mezzanine Flooring.

Whilst a fantastic solution for a wide range of commercial, industrial, and retail premises there are a number of regulation and health and safety practices both employers and employees should be aware of.

We’ve discussed these below, so read on for more information or contact our specialist team for your mezzanine flooring.

Why Consider Mezzanine Flooring?

A little cramped for space? Struggle to find inventory and stock at the snap of a finger? If so, its time you invested some thought into reorganising your warehouse or other commercial property.

Think of it like this; would you really expect an office employee to work productively and efficiently if their desk was piled high with papers, accessories, and folders? No.

Equally, you and your employees can’t run efficiently if the organisation and planning behind the scenes isn’t optimised to allow staff to do so. Quality mezzanine floors can benefit you in a number of ways including:

  • Maximise and more efficiently manage factories and warehouses
  • Avoid the hassle and expense of extension or relocation
  • Make better use of redundant space
  • A cost effective solution that can be designed to meet your specific requirements
  • Easily installed with minimal disruption

Working at Height

According to the Health and Safety Executive falls from height contribute as a significant cause of injury. Whether risks from low height or the more obvious risk of falling from a distance, mezzanine flooring is a common area of concern.

As such, employers should take this seriously and assess their workplace, workforce, and the procedures in place. Employees have general legal duties to take reasonable care of themselves and others but it is ultimately down to you as the employer to ensure everyone complies with Health and Safety duties which generally include:

  • Must ensure that handrails are installed as well as a toe board around mezzanine floors where people are working
  • Must ensure that mezzanine floors are regularly inspected and properly maintained
  • Employers have a responsibility to identify, assess, and properly control the risks of working at height
  • All work at height must be properly planned and organised
  • All employees must be properly trained and competent
  • Risks must be regularly assessed and appropriated for the equipment provided

 Our Mezzanine Solutions

The team at Bristol Storage have more than 40 years of experience in the industry with a specialist team who can supply, fit, and design mezzanine flooring for your premises.

So, whether you’re looking for extra-storage, mezzanine floors for offices, or multi-tier mezzanine flooring we can help.

Interested? Give us a call on 0117 955 5211 for more information on how to maximise space for your business.









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