Pallet racking is defined as ‘work equipment’, meaning that it’s the responsibility of you as an employer to ensure it is compliant with current Health and Safety legislation; the recommended way of ensuring compliance is with an annual racking inspection.

Failure to regularly inspect and properly maintain your racking can result in fines for non-compliance, injuries in the workplace, potential downtime, and expensive repairs or replacements due to preventable damage to your racking system.

Find out more about the damage uninspected racking could have on your business, plus download your free rack inspection damage report table from Bristol Storage below.

SEMA Racking Inspection Process 

At Bristol Storage, we’re SEMA approved racking inspectors, meaning we can carry out independent racking inspections in line with SEMA’s high standards for racking safety.

In addition toannual checks, a rack inspection is highly recommended where: damage to racking already exists, you have an upcoming Health and Safety inspection or you do not know the safe load capacity of your racking.

A SEMA approved racking inspection includes:

  • Rack identification.
  • Rack safe working loads.
  • Rack damage identification.
  • Layout plans, best practice observations and recommendations.

At the end of the inspection, you’ll be provided with a comprehensive, easy to understand report detailing the current health of your pallet racking or shelving system, safe working loads of your racking system, and a clarification of all damage with recommendations to ensure compliance and extend the life of your racking system.

Benefits of Carrying Out Routine In-house Visual Racking Inspections

Carrying out routine in-house visual inspections can help to identify damage to your system before it becomes dangerous and expensive to repair. When carrying out visual inspections of your racking, take note of any damage that is evident to the:

  • Front and rear uprights.
  • Horizontal and diagonal bracings.
  • Front and rear base plates.
  • Front and rear floor fixings.
  • Front and rear floor beams.
  • Level plates.
  • Front and rear safety locks.
  • Load notice.
  • Column guards.
  • Frame spacers.
  • Nut and bolt sets.
  • Guide rails.
  • Shelf panels.

Rack safety awareness training is a cost effective way of ensuring that you and your staff understand how to spot damage to racking through routine visual inspections, how to maintain your racking system and also how to put measures in place to reduce the risk of any damage to racking occurring.  

SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors

At Bristol Storage, we’re SEMA approved racking inspectors, meaning we can carry out independent racking inspections in line with latest SEMA and HSE guidelines. If you’re concerned about damage to your racking or want to book in for an inspection – call a member of our expert team today on 0117 955 5211.


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Bristol Storage News

New marketing and customer relations manager at bristol storage As promised we are telling you a bit more about our Staff here at Bristol storage. This Month we would like to introduce Molly, Our Marketing and Customer Relations Manager. Molly started with the company just after Christmas, she comes from an automotive background so racking is a new thing for her!

Molly will be looking after the marketing here at Bristol Storage and already has a busy plan for the year, she will also be in charge of our customer service, making follow up calls and gathering customer feedback. We wanted to get to know a little more about Molly so we asked her a few questions……

1. What is your Role at Bristol Storage Equipment?

Marketing and customer relations manager, I like to think I’m creative and kind. I also love to chat, as you can see from my answers….

2. What is your favourite shelving system and why?

Dexion P90, it’s the only one I know… Shhhhh (I’ve not been here long guys)

3. If you could have unlimited storage of one thing, what would it be?

Soooo Many things, I would like to say horses but I feel an unlimited amount would be a lot of hard work. I’ll have to go with clothes, handbags, and shoes, the 3 wardrobes I have already is definitely not enough!

4. What would be the title of your autobiography?

In my own world (that’s where I am most of the time), I think most of my friends and family would like to know what goes on there!!

5. If you could be in the movie of your choice, what movie would you choose and what character would you play?

Anne Hathaway in The Devil Where’s Prada, she always looks so chic and she get the job 1,000,000 girls would die for… Who wouldn’t want to work at Runway (It’s a fashion magazine for those who haven’t watched)

6. What is top of the list when it comes to the weekend?

Seeing my family definitely, and eating yummy food, that’s my favourite hobby.

7. If you could host a talk show, who would be your first guest?

The Queen, I’d love to know what she’s really like.

8. What would be your ultimate holiday destination?

A Safari, I’ve always wanted to stay at Giraffe Manor in Kenya.

9. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

It would have to be 3 courses, for starters: baked camembert with fresh bread to dip in Main: Rack of Lamb, with dauphinoise potatoes, and green beans and for Desert: The White chocolate and limoncello profiteroles they do in this Italian restaurant in bath…. I like food if you hadn’t guessed guys.

10. If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?

Book first class flights to Giraffe Manor for all my family, I’d also like to stop off in New York for a shopping spree.

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Case Studies

Mezzanine Flooring System and Dexion P90 Racking Case Study - PF Cusack


PF Cusack are one of the UK’s leading suppliers in contractors tooling, personal protective equipment, and signage and traffic management products. They have 5 depots around the UK as well as a vehicle fleet of 20, enabling them to deliver their products nationwide.


PF Cusack contacted Bristol Storage Equipment to provide a competitive quotation to rack out their new build warehouse in Highbridge, Somerset.

Barry Woodman, Depot Manager at Cusack, was keen to deal with a professional and local supplier who he could build a relationship with for future service and maintenance as well as the initial project.

Bristol Storage Equipment were awarded the contract to complete the project. The scope expanded to include a Mezzanine Floor and Steel Partitioning.


A Mezzanine Floor was specified to maximise the available height whilst maintaining a functional work space below. We suggested steel partitioning to separate the area off from the main warehouse in order to create a safe working environment.


-  Timber Decking

-  Dexion P90 Pallet Racking - 1845 pallet locations

-  Rack End Protection

-  190m2 Mezzanine Floor for Storage

-  Single Skin Steel Partitioning to create separate work area under the Mezzanine floor

-  Designed and installed in line with SEMA codes of practice

Download the full case study here.

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Pallet Racking

For many, Valentine’s Day is a day for flowers, fancy meals and overpriced cards. But not everybody will be feeling the love this Valentine’s Day, without the proper level of loving care and attention, you may find your racking looking for a new warehouse.

To help ensure your Valentine's day doesn’t end in tears, here are 5 reasons why your warehouse racking might be about to break up with you; and how you can ensure it doesn’t.

You’re Putting Too Much Pressure On Them

Expecting too much of your companion is a sure fire way to the single life and it’s no different in the warehouse. By overloading your racking, you’re opening up your relationship to nasty problems such as bent racking beams and frame buckling, which could easily lead to a complete racking system failure. 

To ensure that you're not putting too much pressure on your racking, always stick to recommended racking loads, if you’re unsure, we can calculate your racking weight limit for you.

 Racking damage

You’re Not Showing Them Enough Attention

Not showing your partner enough attention is a common cause of breakups, not only can it cause arguments, but in the case of racking, could lead to your system collapsing!

At Bristol Storage, we provide independent SEMA approved racking inspections Nationwide, these inspections are a legal requirement under the Health & Safety at work act and ensure that any damage to your racking can be identified and addressed appropriately.

You’re Letting Others Hit On Them

It’s not always internal problems that cause relationships to break down, sometimes there are other forces at work. It could be an employee improperly loading and unloading racking, or a forklift operator increasing the chances of a collision by driving too fast.

To eliminate the risk of your relationship being broken by another person, there are a couple of quick and easy changes you can make in your warehouse:

  • Train your staff properly on how to properly operate the racking system (a rack safety awareness training course could be just the ticket).
  • Ensure forklift training is given to relevant people.
  • Implement maximum speed limits.
  • Zone out areas with floor markings to prevent vehicles getting too close to racking.

Tip – Wear Protection! One way to ensure your pallet racking isn’t subject to damage from vehicle contact is to install column, frame and corner guards. These guards come at a fraction of the cost of replacement racking and provide adequate protection from forklifts and other moving vehicles in the warehouse.


They Need Some Space

Sometimes the best way to help restore a relationship on the rocks is to give your partner some space, your racking is no different. Having aisles too narrow increases the chance of forklift collision and can create issues when unloading stock.

Assessing your warehouse layout is an effective way to ensure your racking has the appropriate amount of space. Alternatively, you may wish to create more space through the use of a mezzanine flooring system, which makes use of unused overhead space for offices, storage or similar.


You’re Leaving Them In The Dark

Leaving your partner in the dark is never a good idea when you’re in a relationship, similarly, a poorly lit warehouse can take a toll on your racking; not only does it increase the chances of collision but it puts operators at risk and makes damage to your system harder to spot.

Energy efficient LED warehouse lighting provides effective lighting to any area of the warehouse, with occupancy detection and zonal control to ensure that the lights are only on when they are needed.


Talk To the Experts

So, are you feeling bad about the way you treated your racking this year? If you’re looking to give any aspect of your warehouse a bit of extra loving this year – why not get in touch with Bristol Storage.

We provide SEMA approved racking inspections, rack safety awareness training and are an approved distributor for Dexion pallet racking equipment (if it’s you that wants to do the breaking up). We also provide a whole range of other specialist services and products designed to help you maximise space and profit in your warehouse.

Call us today on 0117 955 5211 to discuss your requirements, or fill out a contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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Toyota has recently announced plans to develop a fully automated, electric concept vehicle able to function as a taxi or shuttle bus, distribution centre collection vehicle, delivery vehicle, mobile retail store (such as a lunchtime café) and much more.

The futuristic pod shaped vehicles will be available in 3 sizes and are expected to be available for testing in the early 2020’s.

Find out more about the latest innovation in automated mobility and what changes technology like the Toyota e-Palette and other AI could bring to the warehouses of the future.

What Purpose Could Automated Technology Serve To Businesses?

The Toyota e-Palette vehicle could serve as a multifunctional tool for the businesses of the future, with anticipated uses of the vehicle being everything from delivery vehicles for large online retailers, to pizza delivery trucks.

Early concepts envision the e-palette to be capable of collecting goods from a fulfilment store, delivering the goods to the customer and using facial recognition to verify their identity.

 Fast food giant Pizza Hut were one of the first to announce a partnership with Toyota publicly, enlisting Toyota’s help to bring their vision of delivering pizza to people’s doors without the need for a delivery driver to life.

Their Twitter announcement came just weeks after an episode of the popular Netflix series ‘Black Mirror’ featured a self-driving pizza delivery truck at the centre of all the drama, much to the delight (and fear) of fans.


Artifical Intelligence - Integration In The Warehouse

AI has always been a hot topic of conversation in our industry, with tech companies constantly working to develop tools, software and vehicles to make life easier for warehouse workers and running speculation that artificial intelligence in the warehouse means an end for workers jobs.

Whilst vehicles such as the Toyota e-palette are still untested in warehouse environments; here a few of the anticipated benefits of such technology incorporated into the modern warehouse:

Synergy – the future of warehouse operations doesn’t look like a room full of robots. It looks like a room full of robots doing labour intensive work – overseen by a team of employees to ensure everything is running as it should.

Less Injuries – Whilst warehouse managers do all they can to protect their employees, injuries in the warehouse are almost unavoidable; this is a problem that can be eliminated with AI (unless you count maintenance and repairs!).

Quicker Fulfilment – Running 24/7 with machine precision, it’s no wonder that fulfilment could become a much quicker process with the integration of AI in the warehouse.

Lower Cost – After the initial purchase, technology such as the e-palette could reduce warehouse running and fulfilment costs significantly. With no pay required, 24-hour operation and fewer mistakes, money saved by robotics in the warehouse could lead to better benefits for staff.

Different Job Opportunities – Whilst it seems a long way off now, if AI ever did replace traditional roles in the warehouse – new, more human-centric opportunities would open up, delivering higher wages, higher levels of job satisfaction and increased productivity.

Automated Order Picking – Why The Big Issue?

The announcement of the e-palette came a few days after Toyota revealed the launch of two semi-automated order picking trucks, designed to help speed up the process of picking in the warehouse, these picking trucks still need to be operated by an operative, but with much less work involved for the employee.

Order picking has always been the most labour intensive, expensive and time consuming process in the warehouse and throughout the years, tech companies have worked to develop an AI solution to reducing human effort in the picking process.

Despite the speculation that AI pickers means loss of jobs, picking automation has not yet had a significant effect on job security in the warehouse. A strong example of this is tech giants Amazon, who have been at the forefront of automation since its commercial conception. Despite an army of 45,000 robots, they still employ 350,000 people – an increase of 43% on last year.

Talk To The Experts

Could AI have a place in the future of everyday warehouse operations? Whatever your opinion, we think you’ll agree that an efficient, space-saving warehouse is a profitable one.

To find out more about the space saving products we have available to maximise profit in your warehouse, give one of our expert team a call today on 0117 955 5211.

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Bristol Storage News

Bristol Storage has been operational for over 40 years now. Throughout that time we’ve taken on almost every job imaginable, from annual SEMA approved racking inspections for warehouses, right the way through to installing racking systems for retail giants Amazon.

So, why Bristol Storage? Find out more about why people choose us, and our company guarantee that gives our customers the confidence that they are getting the best possible service every time.

 “Bristol Storage Equipment Limited guarantees all of our fully installed Dexion products for 20 years. This guarantee includes the quality of the labour and the Dexion product itself.”

We Have Vast Experience and Knowledge

We work to ‘maximise space to maximise profit’ in our clients’ locations, be that an industrial production line or a small distribution and fulfilment centre. It’s our experience and knowledge that allows us to put forward the best solution based on our customer’s needs, timeframes and budgets.

What’s more, we love sharing that knowledge with customers and are constantly updating our blog with useful information for our readers, along with various case studies showcasing the different kinds of work we do for clients.

We Meet Your Objectives Everytime

It’s also our experience and knowledge, along with our vast range of products and ability to think outside the box that allows us to meet our customer’s objectives every time. Our key products include:

Pallet racking  - We are one of UK’s leading pallet racking suppliers, providing all types of pallet including: adjustable pallet racking, mobile racking, drive in pallet racking, live storage racking and narrow aisle pallet racking.

Additionally, we are proud to be a member of the Dexion distributor network – allowing us to supply and maintain Dexion racking as well as provide expert advice and technical support. 

Mezzanine Flooring We have a range of mezzanine flooring available to be built to your custom requirements to maximise your existing warehouse, office or industrial space.   

Shelving We have shelving solutions suitable for any application in domestic, commercial and industrial warehouse environments to help keep stock organised. 


LED LightingTraditional high bay warehouse lighting is inefficient and prone to failure. Our LED lighting solutions will help save you money and go green in the warehouse, with occupancy detection and zonal controls available.


“After listening to our initial requirements, Bristol Storage Equipment recommended a vertical racking system fitted with adjustable beams to support the timber.”

“The job was done professionally and efficiently – BSE kept us informed on what they were doing throughout the installation and we were very impressed with how well it was managed from speedy initial quotation to final installation.”

Ben Bagnall - Robbins Timber – Read the full case study

We Have a Comprehensive Quotation Service

Before commencing work, we provide our customers with a clear, itemised quote detailing all work that is being undertaken including products used. Whilst you may find cheaper quotes elsewhere initially, there’s no nasty surprises or hidden extras when working with Bristol Storage.

Our After Sales Service Speaks For Itself

It’s not just about installing the racking and leaving, we create great relationships with our clients by ensuring that we’re there in the future to give ongoing advice and support. As your business grows, we guarantee that we will be able to supply a wide range of products that will be compatible with previous products installed by us, allowing you to reap maximum return on your initial investment.

What’s more, as part of our commitment to our customers, we guarantee that any spare parts you may need will be available from us for the lifetime of the product.

We Give You Peace of Mind

We’re accredited, industry approved and the results speak for themselves; becoming a trusted installer of storage equipment in the South West and beyond. It’s these accreditations that give our customers total peace of mind in regards to your insurance and health and safety obligations.

We Guarantee The Best Sales Experience

Everything we do for customers is designed to make their lives easier, that’s why we guarantee the best sales experience start to finish, from the friendly voice on the phone that takes your enquiry, to our expert aftercare service and advice.  

Talk To The Experts

We’re proud to be in the position we are today, and look forward to expanding even further with our clients in the New Year. Why not put us to the test? Whether it’s racking or other warehouse storage solutions we can help you.

Give one of our team a call on 0117 955 5211 or fill out a contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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Case Studies

Bristol Storage recently undertook work for Lens Online, a company that is part of the well known opticians, Specsavers. Lens Online’s warehouses are stocked with fragile lenses and other associated equipment, which needs to be well organised and available for easy picking without any risk of damage. 

Initial Brief

Following an initial conversation and site visit, Dexion P90 Pallet Racking with Interoll Carton Flow System was recommended and installed. Pictured below is the P90 Pallet Racking system.


Products Used Dexion: P90 Pallet Racking

Dexion P90 wide aisle pallet racking is one of the most flexible and economical racking systems we have available at Bristol Storage, access to pallets is unrestricted and systems can be built up to 30 metres high with no limitation on the layout, this is what makes the P90 such a reliable go-to option for a wide range of picking operations.

In addition to being so flexible, Dexion P90 pallet racking can be adapted to meet your business needs through a wide range of accessories including column guards, aisle marking systems and flow systems as shown below.

Interoll Carton Flow System

A key product used within the racking system of this job was the Interoll Carton Flow System, designed to improve the flexibility of the picking process in distribution and fulfilment centres.

You can see the flow system in action below, with products gently rolling to the front of the racking system allowing for easy operative-facing picking with zero damage to the stock.

These systems of great flexibility in operations where dimensions and weights of goods vary, and with 90% space utilisation – your valuable racking space isn’t going to waste.

Bay Types

6 different bay types were used throughout the job to ensure that Lens Online had storage solutions available for all their different products:

Bay Type 1 – 2700mm clear entry bay x 2000mm high frame x 1100 deep each face.

  • Each bay fitted with 6 carton flow levels.

Bay Type 2 – 2700mm clear entry bay x 2000mm high frame x 2200mm deep each face.

  • Each bay fitted with 6 carton flow levels.

Bay Type 3 – 2700mm clear entry bay x 7500mm high frame x 1100 deep each face.

  • Each bay fitted with 6 full depth carton flow levels with 3 pallet levels abov

Bay Type 4 – 2700mm clear entry bay x 7500mm high frame x 1100 deep each face.

  • Each bay fitted with 4 pallet levels
  • All levels fitted with open boarded timber decking
  • Rack protection included for all uprights

Bay Type 5 – 1350mm clear entry bay x 2500mm high frame x 1100 deep each face,

  • Each bay fitted with 1 pallet level
  • All levels fitted with open boarded timber decking
  • Rack protection included for all uprights

Bay Type 6 – 2700mm clear entry bay x 2500mm high frame x 1100 deep each face

  • Each bay fitted with 1 pallet level
  • All levels fitted with open boarded timber decking
  • Rack protection included for all uprights
column guards in situ to protect racking

Talk To The Experts

Lens Online were delighted with their new racking system, allowing for a faster, flexible and more efficient picking process in their warehouse.

If you have questions regarding the Dexion P90 pallet racking, Interoll Carton Flow System or any of our other products – give one of our expert team a call on 0117 955 5211.

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Health and Safety

PUWER regulations and what they mean ‘PUWER’ or Provision of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 is the regulation set in place to keep people safe when using equipment whilst at work. This includes employers, employees contractors and suppliers.

Read our latest blog to find out more about PUWER and how you can ensure machinery and working equipment is safe to operate in your warehouse.

Requirements Of PUWER

Under PUWER, warehouse managers will need to ensure that working equipment is safe and suitable for use without posing a risk to the user’s health and safety. The requirements for ensuring work equipment is safe to use include:

  • Equipment is suitable for its intended use.
  • Equipment is maintained in safe condition and inspected regularly.
  • Employees using equipment have received adequate information, instruction and training.
  • Employees are aware of any health and safety measures on equipment such as emergency stop buttons.
  • Equipment is capable of being safely isolated from a power source.

PUWER does not just apply to large businesses, anyone in any sector that controls or is responsible for work equipment has to follow them.

What Constitutes as ‘Work Equipment’ Under PUWER

The HSE defines ‘work equipment’ as any machinery, equipment, appliance, apparatus, tool or installation for use at work. In summary, ‘work equipment’ covers just about anything used by an employee at work – including equipment they bring in themselves.

Additionally, under PUWER, ‘using’ work equipment does not constitute simply operating it; responsible persons will also need to ensure that users of work equipment are safe whilst starting, stopping, programming, setting, transporting, repairing, modifying, maintaining, servicing and cleaning work equipment.

What Can You Do to Protect Yourself and Your Employees?

If you are a warehouse owner or manager, it is your responsibility to manage risks caused by work equipment and their use. Here are a few common risks that may be overlooked in the warehouse, and what you can do about them.

Forklift Trucks – Regular inspection, maintenance and repair is essential for keeping your forklift fleet safe and efficient. You may also consider implementing safeguards such as anti-roll mechanisms, driver restraining systems and racking guards to prevent damage and the risk of collapse in the event of a collision.

Staff training is essential when It comes to forklift operation, you must ensure that the person operating the forklift is properly trained and understands health and safety procedures during use of the forklift.


Racking Systems – Many overlook the fact that pallet racking falls under the category of ‘work equipment’ and thus should be kept in a safe condition. You should aim to have your pallet racking inspected annually by a SEMA approved rack inspector or when damage becomes apparent.

Rack awareness training courses for your warehouse can aid in recognising damage to racking early and increase employee awareness about the risks of damaged pallet racking. Check out our blog to find out 5 ways you can prevent damage to your racking system.

 SEMA approved racking inspection from Bristol Storage

Moving Machinery – Moving machinery carries the potential to cause accidents, whether it is by a projectile, sparks, poor training or a person working in an unsafe proximity to the machine.

Machine Mesh Guards are designed to enclose the machine during operation, to ensure that any flying objects and sparks are contained.

The guard can also be sealed off to prevent any worker entering the enclosure during operation – in any situation, workers should be aware of how to shut down the machine in an emergency.

At Bristol Storage, we recommend the Axelent X Guard, You can see how it works below:


Lighting – Under PUWER, all employers must ensure that any areas where people use work equipment are suitably and sufficiently lit. Many older style high bay warehouse lights are inefficient, dim, slow to start up and have a short lifespan.

LED lighting is a superior alternative to this type of lighting, requiring fewer bulb changes and reduced maintenance. Additionally, the occupancy detection and zonal control features ensure that operatives always have adequate light when working.

SEMA Approved Pallet Racking Inspections from Bristol Storage

If you are a warehouse manager, pallet racking inspections can help you stay compliant and prevent system collapses in your warehouse. At Bristol Storage, we are proud to provide independent SEMA approved racking inspections across the whole of the UK.

For any information and advice on keeping your racking system compliant, or to book your inspection today – speak to one of our expert team on 0117 955 5211. 

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Case Studies

Bristol Storage Equipment recently completed a job for Robbins Timber, a well established timber company providing a range of plywoods, hardwoods, softwoods and associated products.

Their warehouses fulfil orders worldwide and are packed with a range of different products.

Initial Brief:

The objective was to supply, deliver and install a vertical racking solution to keep their timber products stored safely, as well as being better organised for improved stock control and faster, more efficient picking.

Robbins Timber were provided with a detailed schematics drawing with 3 different layout options before the work went ahead:

Products Used – Vertical Racking Solution

BSE implemented Dexion vertical storage racking on their site, this type of racking is designed to make use of overhead space and is suitable for tall items. Using this type of racking allowed for the timber to be stored vertically, reducing the risk of damage and consumation of space that comes with horizontal storage. 

Holding stock of several different types of hard and soft woods, the racking system was fitted with 2 adjustable beam kits pictured below.

These adjustable beams not only help support the wood to avoid damage from leaning, but also allow for the separation of products to keep them better organised; with plenty of room inbetween the racking for warehouse operatives to pick and deliver items.

4 different bay types were used throughout the job to ensure that Robbins Timber had adequate storage solutions for the different shapes and sizes of timber that they deal with:

Bay Type 1 – 4200mm high x 2700mm clear entry x 900mm deep – 6 dividers bars over 2 levels.

Bar Type 2 – 4200mm high x 1350mm clear entry x 800m deep – 4 divider bars over 2 levels.

Bar Type 3 – 4200mm high x 2700mm clear entry x 800mm deep – 6 divider bars over 2 levels. The storage level for bay type 3 was set at 1280mm and fitted with steel decking panels to allow for storage space underneath.

Bay Type 4 – 4200mm high x 3300mm clear entry x 900mm deep – 8 divider bars over 2 levels.

Feedback From Robbins Timber

“Dealing with vast amounts of timber on a regular basis, it was important that we had the correct and most efficient storage solutions in place.”

“After listening to our initial requirements, Bristol Storage Equipment recommended a vertical racking system fitted with adjustable beams to support the timber.”

“The job was done professionally and efficiently – BSE kept up informed on what they were doing throughout the installation and we were very impressed with how well it was managed from speedy initial quotation to final installation.”

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Bristol Storage Equipment.”

Ben Bagnall - Robbins Timber

Talk To The Experts

Another happy client for Bristol Storage – Robbins Timber can now rest assured that their timber is stored as efficiently as possible, maximising space in their warehouse.

If you have any questions regarding vertical racking systems or are looking for a reliable storage expert to help you with your next project, give one of our expert team a call on 0117 955 5211.

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Pallet Racking

What is my racking weight limit?

One of the most common questions posed in the storage equipment industry is 'What loading will my racking take?' One of the most common answers to this question is 'It depends.' Which is true. The capacity of your racking depends on a range of factors, which makes it impossible to give a ‘standard’ answer.

Most pallet racking systems are designed bespoke to the requirements of the user. Therefore the components of the system will vary significantly, meaning that no two systems are the same and that giving a definitive answer that covers Dexion racking systems, or any other manufacturer for that matter, can’t be done.

For just £499 + VAT we can accurately calculate the Safe Working Load of your racking system for you - See bottom of page for more details!


In order to give you the weight limits of your specific racking we need to know a few details about the system:

1. What is the Bay Clear Entry?

What is the distance (in millimetres) between the insides of each upright – this must be measured from the front face of the rack i.e right to left along the width, NOT the depth.

Pallet Racking Bay Clear Entry diagram

2. What is the racking beam section?

In other words, is it an open beam or a box beam? The box beam is a heavier duty beam than the open beam, so this is crucial to the strength of the entire racking system and the loading it can take.

3. Do you know the beam depth?

To measure the beam depth measure the distance from the top to the bottom of the front face in millimetres.

Depth of a racking beam is measured like this

4. What about the face of the beam?

The depth of the beam face is also an important dimension when calculating the loading of your system. Whereas the beam depth is commonly 50mm, the beam face depth can vary significantly from 80 or 90mm to as much as 150mm. The deeper the beam face the heavier duty the beam and the more load it is likely to take.

5. How big are the racking frames?

It is important to know the dimensions of your racking frames. The measurement required is the Height (H) (mm) x Width (W) (mm) of the frames. For example, a the end frames may be 6000mm high x 900mm Wide. The width (or depth) of the frame can be measured as the front to back dimension of the rack.

6. What is the vertical beam pitch of your racking system?

The height of each storage level, measured from the floor to the top side of each beam. Beam pitches for Dexion pallet racking are 76.2mm (3 inches) for MK3 Speedlock or 50mm for Dexion P90, therefore beams can only be located at these intervals.

E.g. if you have 3 beam levels we need to know the exact heights of each beam. If the number of beam levels varies across your racking system, then the load criteria will also vary so please bear this in mind.

7. Frame Section (or upright duty)

The frame section indicates the duty of the upright. Different upright duties offer different strengths, therefore it is important to be clear on the load that your rack uprights can take before loading the racking to capacity. For Dexion P90 or Dexion MK3 the duty is stamped onto the steel all the way up each upright. This makes it easy to identify. For example, a heavy duty Dexion upright will have a ‘H’ stamped onto it, or a standard duty upright will have an ‘S’.

Other manufacturers may use the same method, or they may stamp the side profile of the upright.

Rack Upright Duty and Beam Pitch Illustration


Further Useful Information

In order to provide you with the most accurate loading calculation it is recommended that you provide the following information:

Pallet Size:

  • UK Pallet (1200mm x 1000mm)
  • Euro Pallet (1200mm x 800mm)

Fully Loaded Pallet Details:

  • Dimensions (Height, Width, Depth)
  • Weight
  • Orientation

Type of Racking:

  • Standard Adjustable Pallet Racking
  • Narrow Aisle Racking
  • Drive In Racking

It is recommended that each rack is fitted with a load notice that clearly indicates the maximum loading of your Dexion racking.

Get your Racking Weight Limit calculated here for only £499

Call now on 0117 955 5211


Keep your Dexion racking safe and know your limits!

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