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New admin apprentice at Bristol Storage This Month it’s the turn of Josie Angel, our Accounts and Admin Apprentice. Josie joined the team in December 2017, having left college and starting her working career with Bristol Storage Equipment. You may have already spoken to Josie on the phone but if not, be sure to say hello.

What is your Role at Bristol Storage Equipment?

Accounts and Administration apprentice 

What is your favourite shelving system and why?

Medium duty rivet racking because it provides a more cost effective solution for storing long or bulky items

If you could have unlimited storage of one thing, what would it be?

Fast food

What would be the title of your autobiography?

Inside of an angel’s life

If you could be in the movie of your choice, what movie would you choose and what character would you play?

Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect

What is top of the list when it comes to the weekend?

Ordering a takeaway

If you could host a talk show, who would be your first guest?


What would be your ultimate holiday destination?


If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

Noodles with extra salt and pepper chicken

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?

Move to Australia

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We know hunting for eggs can be fun (especially chocolate ones) but when it comes to the warehouse you don’t want to be searching high and low.

Here’s 5 racking systems that will keep your Eggs in order:

  1. Dexion P90 with Carton Flow System – this will allow your eggs to roll freely without damage
  2. First in First out pallet system – making sure you can access your eggs at all times
  3. Long span rivet racking – because its perfect for any egg storage and we can deliver it quickly
  4. Dexion HI280 - as its compact systems allow you to store maximum eggs with minimum space
  5. Small Parts shelving with shelf trays – for when you’re storing multiple types of eggs this system will keep them tidy.

Meet Dexter

Meet Dexter is the Dexion Chick, his favourite racking is Dexion P90. He loves it so much we can’t keep him out of the racks.

Easter Competition

For the chance to win a Luxury Bristol Storage Easter Egg, guess how many of Dexter's friends and family are hiding in our racks to enter into our prize draw *Winner will be drawn on Thursday 29th March*

Can you spot all of the chicks in our warehouse? If you would like to enter please Email with the subject line EASTER COMPETITION and make sure you include: Your Answer, Full Name, and Contact Details. You will be contacted if you are the lucky winner!!

Entries will close on Wednesday 28th so get your entries in!!

If you get inundated with egg shaped chocolates over Easter and want to know more about any of our storage solutions, call the experts on – 0117 955 5211.

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WOW! Look at this incredible Project that has recently been completed by Dexion UK. They won a contract to rack out a 408M warehouse for The Range in Avonmouth, Bristol. The build consisted of Dexion P90 and Dexion Hi280. And luckily for us they have done a time lapse video, its definitely worth a watch. 

 Here are some jobs we have done using similar products:



If you like what you see and need a solution similar, on a smaller scale or even something bigger. Call you local Dexion Distributor – 0117 955 5211.


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Bristol Storage News

There is exciting news for Dexion, In January Gonvarri Steel Services completed the acquisition of Constructor Group A/S who were the owners of Dexion for over 10 years.

The group's name has changed to Gonvarri Material Handling (GMH). GMH will continue to trade under the well-established Dexion, Kasten, PSS and Constructor brands across Europe and worldwide.

What Does This Mean for Dexion?

With its head office in Madrid and 36 factories worldwide in 17 countries, the new ownership will strengthen the group as a leading provider of storage and material and storage handling solutions. Providing Expertise and resources needed for development and growth for the group.  

Gonvarri is a strategic leader in the industry of steel transformation, generated revenues of almost €3 billion in 2017. And according to Frank Pohl, CEO of GMH and Managing Director of Dexion GmbH, it is the perfect partner.

"I am convinced that Gonvarri, with its many years of experience in production and steel competence as well as its worldwide presence is the ideal new owner. I am looking forward to working with Gonvarri to better serve our customers and further develop our good position in the market."

About Gonvarri Material Handling

  • Gonvarri Material Handling comprises of the Constructor, Kasten, PSS and Dexion brands and is one of Europe’s leading engineering and manufacturers of storage solutions.
  • The Gonvarri Material Handling group has a strong and rich history with centuries of combined knowledge, allowing customers access to a global network of storage expertise and experience.
  • With coverage across much of the globe, the group has helped some of the worlds’ leading brands and pioneering SME’s.
  • It aims to support customers and partners with storage planning, installation and ongoing service and support.
  • For further information visit
  • Watch the video below to find out more about Gonvarri and their strong company ethos.

 A Commitment To Quality

At Bristol Storage, we want to reassure our customers that we'll still be providing the same excellent levels of service and that this acquisition will have no impact on the quality of Dexion products. If you have any questions, please get in touch - you can also view the full press release from Dexion here.

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Case Studies

SPIE UK Acoustic Booth reconfiguration


SPIE UK is a leading provider of vital multi-technical services. Their customers rely on them for a complete solution to their needs. They specialise in lifetime support, from design through construction to maintenance, repair and operation. We are currently providing work for SPIE who are an embedded contractor in a local Aircraft Manufacturer.


Bristol Storage were asked to reconfigure an existing acoustic booth, reworking existing panels and supplying new in line with the new layout required.


  • Strip down of existing acoustic booth
  • Reworking existing panels to fit new lay out
  • Suppling new panels and sliding doors
  • Infill vent ducts and windows with acoustic panelling
  • Make good electrical wiring
Reconfiguration Of Acoustic Booth

Download the full case study here

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Bristol Storage News

This Month we are Introducing Dave, Project Manager here at Bristol Storage Equipment. Dave  joined the Team in January and he’s been a vital part of it ever since, Dave  isa Health and Safety Expert and has lots of Experience working as a projects manages so we have no doubt that he is the Perfect Fit for our Team. Welcome on board Dave.    

What is your Role at Bristol Storage Equipment?

Project Manager.

What is your favourite shelving system and why?

Dexion P90 because of the quality and household name.

If you could have unlimited storage of one thing, what would it be?

Red wine, what could be better?

What would be the title of your autobiography?

The hard way to the top.

If you could be in the movie of your choice, what movie would you choose and what character would you play?

Maverick in Top Gun.

What is top of the list when it comes to the weekend?

Socialising with friends or family.

If you could host a talk show, who would be your first guest?

Micky Flanagan, he’s a funny guy.

What would be your ultimate holiday destination?

QE2 World Cruise.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

Venison red wine casserole.

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?

Take my whole family on holiday to consider what to do with the rest of the winnings.

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With heavy stock stored above head height, the potential for injury from falling objects is present in most warehouses. In addition to injuries, falling stock results in loss of revenue for the business, damage to racking systems and can leave warehouse managers in breach of Health and Safety regulations.

Rack netting has become increasingly popular in warehouses due to its affordability, durability and practicality – with some beginning to favour it over traditional fixed panel or anti-collapse steel mesh systems.

Find out more about the features and benefits of rack netting systems and how they compare to traditional anti-collapse steel mesh screens.

Benefits of Installing Rack Netting

There are a number of benefits that come with installing a rack netting system, one of the most prominent being the low cost of supply and installation; other benefits include:

  • Protection from falling objects.
  • Reduced damage to stock.
  • Easy to install in confined spaces.
  • Quick and easy installation – beneficial if your warehouse layout is subject to change.
  • Can be retrofitted with minimal downtime.
  • Protection for fragile stock that may be damaged in a system fitted with wire mesh panels.  
  • Zero maintenance required.
  • Does not rust, corrode or dent.
  • In-flue netting available designed to prevent pushing of items through adjacent racking systems.
  • Despite being very durable, the nets weigh very little and thus have no noticeable impact on your racking’s weight limits.

RackNets – Our Trusted Rack Netting Solution

At Bristol Storage, we supply and install RackNets, a tried and tested solution to rack netting designed to contain loads of up to 1000kg. The netting is very strong but remains at a low tension to prevent damage to stock on impact.

Watch the product demonstration video below to see how RackNets rack netting systems can be just as effective as alternatives constructed of more robust material.


Rack Netting vs Anti Collapse Steel Mesh Screens  

Both rack netting systems and anti-collapse mesh panels have their benefits and drawbacks, there will be instances where one or the other is more appropriate. Here’s how they compare on some of the key metrics of rack protection guards:

Cost – Rack netting has a significantly lower cost of installation in comparison to mesh panels.

Protection – Being made of more robust material, steel mesh rack protection systems offer a higher level of protection in comparison to netting.

Maintenance – Rack netting systems have a lower cost of ongoing maintenance once installed as the fibre nets do not rust, corrode or dent.

Damage to fallen stock – Because of the low tension rack netting holds, goods that would have fallen instead are cushioned by the netting. In a panelled system, this stock would instead hit a steel frame; potentially causing damage to anything fragile.  

Retrieval of fallen stock - However, because of this low tension, retrieving goods from a rack netting system can be challenging dependant on the weight and shape of the item. This is not an issue that arises with a steel mesh system due to its solid construction.

Versatility – In addition to functioning as protection against falling stock, mesh protection systems are more versatile in the other functions they can serve for example, machine guarding, area segregation and steel mesh cages.

Talk to the Experts

Are you doing enough to prevent stock falling in your warehouse? At Bristol Storage, we supply and install high quality steel mesh screens and netting systems to all types of pallet racking with minimal downtime.

If you’re interested in having a rack netting system or steel mesh rack protection system installed in your warehouse, give one of our experts a call today 0117 955 5211 or fill out a contact form and we’ll be happy to talk you through the best option for you.



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Optimisation of space usage is key to the success of any warehouse, and getting the most storage space from your racking helps improve efficiency all around.

Using the right kind of racking for different types of stock is imperative in achieving this, but sometimes awkwardly shaped stock can result in a number of problems including wasted space, damaged stock and difficulty for operatives when unloading; all of which reduce the overall efficiency of your warehouse.

Find out more about the different types of stock that can cause issues when it comes to storage, and the different types of racking that can be used to overcome these issues.

Storage for Long Bulky Items

Long and bulky items can cause all kinds of problems in the warehouse, with regular pallet racking not having adequate horizontal space to store or segregate long items.

An example of this is pipework: long, bulky and very heavy. The different sizes available may also mean that some segregation is required.

Solution – Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is an optimal solution for storing long and bulky stock, in addition to other items like carpet rolls, metal poles and other construction materials.

Unlike other racking systems, cantilever racking systems have no front uprights making loading and unloading easy, these systems also have very high loading capacities and are suitable for forklift truck and crane handling.

 Cantilever Racking for Long and Bulky Items

Storage for Long Fragile Items

Whilst Cantilever racking may seem the obvious solution for all long stock, it is not suitable in all cases. In some operations where stock is long but fragile, a cantilever racking system would not be the best choice as stacking can cause damage.

An example of this is timber, with some wood being fragile and coming in different types and sizes, stacking it up on a cantilever system could cause damage; the different lengths and types of timber could also throw up problems whilst trying to load and unload.

Solution – Vertical Racking

A vertical racking system is an effective type of racking for the storage of long fragile items, with items separated by adjustable beams to prevent damage from leaning and make for easier picking.

Read our case study for a vertical racking system installed at a timber company here.

 Vertical racking to support storage of long fragile items

Storage for Large Moveable Objects

Moveable stock is an entirely different beast when it comes to efficient storage. With the increased chance of items falling they are usually boxed up, this uses more space than necessary and creates delays when unloading stock.

An example of a difficult to store moveable item is vehicle tyres, stacking them on top of each other increases the risk of collapse, boxing them up wastes space and leaving them stored vertically allows them to roll which is dangerous for obvious reasons.

Solution – Dynamic Live Storage Racking System  

A dynamic live storage racking system is a storage solution for these kinds of moveable objects, allowing for segregation of products, easy removal for pickers, forklift access and most importantly, flow technology – allowing for the safe and secure storage of moveable objects.

Once the stock is loaded in the gravity lanes on the loading side, they are carried down to the unloading side – once one is removed, another takes its place. This ensures that items are always available, and negates the need to stack or box moveable items.

 Roll technology in racking

Storage for Hazardous Items

It’s not just the shape but the nature of these items that makes them difficult to store.

For example, gas canisters - they are an awkward shape and storing them high up is potentially dangerous. However, keeping them at floor level could lead to a vehicle colliding with them, and storing them outside leaves them vulnerable to thieves.

Solution – Steel Mesh Cage

When it comes to storing hazardous items, there really is no excuse for half measures. Steel mesh cages are typically used to secure these kinds of stock, if your site is fairly secure you may consider constructing the cage outside to save space inside the warehouse.

Maximise Space In Your Warehouse

Whilst every warehouse will be different, we hope this blog post gave you an idea on which racking systems can be used to tackle some common offenders in the awkwardly shaped stock category.

If you’re struggling with awkwardly shaped stock, or want to ensure your maximising space in your warehouse – give one of our expert team a call on 0117 955 5211.


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Pallet racking is defined as ‘work equipment’, meaning that it’s the responsibility of you as an employer to ensure it is compliant with current Health and Safety legislation; the recommended way of ensuring compliance is with an annual racking inspection.

Failure to regularly inspect and properly maintain your racking can result in fines for non-compliance, injuries in the workplace, potential downtime, and expensive repairs or replacements due to preventable damage to your racking system.

Find out more about the damage uninspected racking could have on your business, plus download your free rack inspection damage report table from Bristol Storage below.

SEMA Racking Inspection Process 

At Bristol Storage, we’re SEMA approved racking inspectors, meaning we can carry out independent racking inspections in line with SEMA’s high standards for racking safety.

In addition toannual checks, a rack inspection is highly recommended where: damage to racking already exists, you have an upcoming Health and Safety inspection or you do not know the safe load capacity of your racking.

A SEMA approved racking inspection includes:

  • Rack identification.
  • Rack safe working loads.
  • Rack damage identification.
  • Layout plans, best practice observations and recommendations.

At the end of the inspection, you’ll be provided with a comprehensive, easy to understand report detailing the current health of your pallet racking or shelving system, safe working loads of your racking system, and a clarification of all damage with recommendations to ensure compliance and extend the life of your racking system.

Benefits of Carrying Out Routine In-house Visual Racking Inspections

Carrying out routine in-house visual inspections can help to identify damage to your system before it becomes dangerous and expensive to repair. When carrying out visual inspections of your racking, take note of any damage that is evident to the:

  • Front and rear uprights.
  • Horizontal and diagonal bracings.
  • Front and rear base plates.
  • Front and rear floor fixings.
  • Front and rear floor beams.
  • Level plates.
  • Front and rear safety locks.
  • Load notice.
  • Column guards.
  • Frame spacers.
  • Nut and bolt sets.
  • Guide rails.
  • Shelf panels.

Rack safety awareness training is a cost effective way of ensuring that you and your staff understand how to spot damage to racking through routine visual inspections, how to maintain your racking system and also how to put measures in place to reduce the risk of any damage to racking occurring.  

SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors

At Bristol Storage, we’re SEMA approved racking inspectors, meaning we can carry out independent racking inspections in line with latest SEMA and HSE guidelines. If you’re concerned about damage to your racking or want to book in for an inspection – call a member of our expert team today on 0117 955 5211.


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Case Studies


Natures Menu started as a small family business in 1981 selling a range of simple minced meats to specialist breeders and some local pet stores, they have been flying the flag for raw and natural nutrition from day one. 


Natures Menu contacted Bristol Storage Equipment to provide a competitive quotation to fit a mezzanine floor in their existing warehouse. This was to allow them to gain more storage for their busy warehouse. Matt Smart at Natures Menu in Bristol, wanted to deal with Bristol Storage as he had dealt with us in the past and has a good relationship with Rob, our Sales Manager.


A Mezzanine Floor to cover a floor area of 74.25m². All of our Mezzanine Floors are CE marked which means all of our steel work complies with the legal standards. We offer fire protection when recommended by building control for floors used for any other use then storage or if the floor exceeds the size of 400m


1 Mezzanine floor with a specification of:

- Design Load: 7.20kN/m²

- Deflection: L/200

- Length of Floor: 5.49m

- Width of Floor: 13.52m

- Total Floor area: 74.25m²

- Underside Height: 3003mm

- Deck Height: 3350mm

- Grid Layout: 3933mmX2200mm Bays

- Staircase: 1 external Utility Staircase, with a mid-landing

- Handrail/Kick Plate: 20m Additional items of

- 1 up ad over pallet gate - 1 pallet load plate

Download the full case study here

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